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I believe in a world where we're empowered to feel strong, confident, safe & beautiful regardless of our age, personal beliefs or form.

Most people think the key to life is finding love & validation in others, but the truth is that love starts from within. Once we're taught to fully love and accept ourselves, a new world will arrive;  a world of community, collaboration, health, sacredness & love.

I'm excited for its' arrival, are you?

For 33 years, I struggled to love my body, soul and mind. It felt like we were at war! Every time I ate I became bloated, unfocused and tired. I suffered from eczema, migraines and my scalp was so tender that I could rarely  brush my hair. Going out for drinks with friends? Forget it. One sip and I'd have jabbing stomach pains for weeks.

I had no idea what was wrong with me, and neither did the doctors.

At one point I even started to believe that it was all in my head.

At the time I was an ova-lacto vegetarian (meaning my diet consisted mostly of eggs, cheese, pasta, bread and cheese its). I soon discovered that these dietary choices were actually poisoning my body; the doctor showed my a picture of my cells, which were attacking themselves from the inside out! He told me that if I didn't change my ways, I would attract more disease or even cancer.

That day I made a choice. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I decided I was going to create a truly nourishing life. I was going to heal myself from inside-out and have my best body EVER by the age of 40. I asked the Universe for guidance, and soon met the methodology & mentors that would help me on my journey.  Over the years I've studied many scientific & spiritual ways to improve root-deep well being; but at the root of them all is the belief that we're all unique, and only we can truly know what we need to thrive on this worldly plane.

I also learned that restrictive dieting only causes more disease, and that just because a certain food is considered a "health" food, that doesn't mean it's healthy for YOU. Each body is uniquely beautiful, and has different needs. Honor that. 

Your body is wise & a temple. Take time to learn it's language and listen. You'll be amazed at what you find out.

As a holistic health coach and intuitive light worker, I will partner with you to get you in alignment with your authentic path.

To get there, it often starts with resetting your body with soul nourishing nutrition and by releasing energetic blocks that have been hiding in your body and spirit.

I create customized wellness plans to get you from where you are now to the Diving Spirit you have always wanted to be in a balanced time-frame.

Let's discover & honor the unique needs of your Mind, Body, and Soul
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P.S. I'm ALSO available for intuitive readings, energy work, massage therapy, and Lemurian crystal healing.


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