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3 Unusual Beauty Tips for Your Body, Mind & Soul

beautyAmy Contreras

Regardless of what other people and the media tell you, true beauty comes from the inside.

You can have trendiest clothing, hair & makeup styles, but if your body and mind are full of toxins, you're going to feel ugly & unhappy.

That's why when people ask me for beauty advice, I go the untraditional route. I'm not going to tell you to workout more, go shopping, or choose a new hairstyle. I'm going to go deep than that; and share the true path to being radiant - inside & out.

Below is my best advice for feeling beautiful:

1. Your body is a temple. Be mindful of what you put in and on it. When we begin to see our bodies this way, everything changes. Trust me. Love and adore your body; honor its needs and it will honor you. From this place anything can happen and even, heal.

2. Sleep & hydrate. Now this is simple stuff, but so often it's overlooked. If you're feeling overwhelmed or breaking out, think about how much sleep and water you've been getting. Chances are, it's not enough.

3. Create your own happiness. Life isn't always perfect, but luckily we get to decide to be happy or not. Even the hardest situations have a silver lining. Search until you find it. Staying positive is the path to sacred beauty.

Now tell me in the comments below, what are you best unusual beauty tips?