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Coconut Winterland Craft Cocktail Collaboration with Trust Me Vodka and The Balanced Boss Babe

Amy Contreras

Coconut Winterland Craft Cocktail. Go to to check out the recipe. Healthy Alternative to alcohol recipes for everyone to enjoy. Cure the hangover with this one.  

This holiday season I wanted to feature a special local Organic Gluten free Vodka company Trust Me Vodka located in Carlsbad , California. I love the artist flare of the label and the tenderness of the brand. ... Trust me.

I am always looking for ways to make my drinks alcohol drinks nutritious , delicious and purposeful with intention.  I got to spend the day with The Balanced Boss Babe Sophie in the Trust Me Test Kitchen to share a special holiday craft cocktail.

Trust me when I say you won't wake up with a nasty hangover after enjoying a glass or two of these wintery beauties. My mission was to create a low glycemic cocktail and mocktail to share with everyone. The intention to hydrate with a paleo flare with the good fats in the coconut cream and re-hydrate with the electrolytes of the coconut water. When you consume alcohol it will normally  strips away all of the hydration in your body zapping electrolytes  leaving you  feeling bloated.  This gluten free drink you will be able to enjoy for the holidays as a healthier alternative special collaboration with Trust Me Vodka. 

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Coconut Winterland Craft Cocktail




Coconut Winterland Craft Cocktail Recipe

So whats in the drink?

For inside the Drink:
1 cup cream of coconut ( I prefer Native Forest )
2 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup Coconut water ( I like zico)  to hydrate
1-2 once trustmevodka
4 cups of crushed ice in a cocktail shaker

Shake till your heart is content.


For Glass Rims:
3 tablespoons cream of coconut for dipping the rim in.
½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 cup coconut sugar ( I really like Big Tree)

Pour into some gorgeous fun martini glasses (these are my favorites ) Libbey Z Rims .


Dress the cocktail with alittle greenery by adding some rosemary and cranberries along with a sprinkle of coconut shreds  on the top to add a little winter wonderland.

I am always looking for ways to make my drinks alcohol drinks nutritious , delicious and purposeful with intention.
— Amy Contreras

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