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10 Reasons you may have a Food Intolerance and How to save your life!

bodyAmy Contreras
Pinnertest use Discount code (Holistic) for 60.00 off test kit
Pinnertest use Discount code (Holistic) for 60.00 off test kit

Do you have extreme discomfort and feel really groady after eating some meals? I totally get it, before I talked to the doctor to get more answers I did massive amounts of research to get closer to finding out what was wrong with me. LIke yourself, I am sure you've done the investigation but truth is most people don't know they have to initiate with western practicing doctors and ask questions to take the next step. Sometimes you have to ask for blood tests to try to make sense of all the madness because ultimately you know what's going on intuitively in your body and your the boss of your temple. 

Food Intolerance can be caused by undigested foods that basically get stuck in your gut and leak through into the bloodstream. Your body sees this as an attack and activates the immune system to combat these invaders. This war within your body leads to inflammation in the gut with this asa Solution.

A food intolerance is the process of improper digestion that causes inflammation. The necessary nutrients are not properly digested to convert the foods you eat to fuel for your system.  Food Intolerances depletes your body and decreases Serotonin production leading to sugar cravings, depression and mood swings.  Symptoms below will be the best way to identify and answer the questions you may have about your diet. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING! An investment you will only need to purchase once. The kit test over 200 foods. What is stopping you from saving your life? Buy one today!

Ask yourself some serious questions:


  • Do you feel foggy brain after eating?

  • Do you have constant cravings for carbs?

  • Do you feel tired and sleepy after eating certain foods?

  • Do you have acnes, eczema, or strange unexplainable rashes?

  • Do you have Joint Pain?

  • Congestion

  • Migraines

  • Insane Inflammation/diarrhea after every meal?

  • Weight Gain

  • Acid Reflux