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How to Stay Gluten-Free at Social Events

body, soulAmy Contreras

How many of you sometimes AVOID hanging out with friends & family because you feel your dietary restrictions are embarrassing or just too much for others to handle?

I've been there too, love.

It can be extremely stressful to go out when you're gluten-free, and not everyone understands your needs.

But it's possible, trust me! All it takes is confidence and a little preparation.

Here are my 4 best tips for staying Gluten-Free at social events:

1. Eat before hand (just in case there aren't many options available), or bring your favorite dish. If I'm not sure that the place I'm headed will have options for me, I usually load up on vegetables before I leave. That way I'm full enough if I can't find anything, but not too full that I won't be able to eat if something looks delicious.

2. Don't be afraid to say no. Before you choose a plate or beverage, think to yourself: How will I feel about this decision in an hour? 3 hours? Tomorrow? A week? Your body is wise, and knows what it wants (and doesn't want). Take a moment to connect, and ask what it needs. 

3. Stand away from the snacks. If you know you'll be tempted, find a cozy spot to socialize away from the table where all the food is set up. It seems simple, but why tempt yourself? Stay occupied on the sweet conversations, love and laughter.

4. Know your go-to drinks. Now I don’t drink often but when I do, I like something on the healthier side with low calories. I'll take my time reviewing the selection they have behind the bar; so long that I wouldn't be surprised if the bartender stirs my drink with a spoon from the floor on certain occasions. Though I would hope not! My go-to? Casamingos Tequila. It makes me feel like I'm in Cuba.

What about you? What are your best tips for staying gluten-free at social events?