The Holistic Babe

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Herbs + Astrology

Every soul has an authentic and Divine imprint the moment we are born

It charts the course for how we can be in our deepest alignment with our holistic health

The PLANETS and Selective PLANTS & HERBS

Form a unique alchemy to shape your medicinal astrology chart

We often neglect listening to it but our bodies FEEL plants, the planets, and the energy of the Universe as a collective.

All of which can provide you with extensive knowledge about your overall health. It works to signal to us what needs our immediate attention.

An Herbal Astrology Reading Will Provide You With:

Deeper clarity and insight into WHY your unique body is responding to certain foods, suffering from various ailments such as

autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, mental health challenges, skin-care issues, and so much more.

Along with a suggested course of action to begin restoring your health to optimal levels.

Each reading is extensive and requires a time commitment.

It is designed to EMPOWER you to take complete charge of your health


Accept this invitation and discover your unique medical astrology through the power of herbs and plants today