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11:11:11 Sacred Manifesting Circle

COME JOIN US as we Re-iginite Your Abundance & Transformation to Expand your Higher Self & Deeper Connection with the Divine Manifestation within, November 29th 2018 

You will experience a guided meditation, energy healing, forgiveness ceremony and a soothing sounds of the ocean and crystal quartz as it baths your vibration to the vibration of love.

Both Emily and I will guide you through a Ceremony of Release, Validation and Support Intuitively Ignited within your soul space. Amplified by the 11 Energy to come into its Full Power! Releasing and connecting all soul fragments to make you feel like the Holistic Being you are within the body, mind and spirit.

I invite you to Unlock your potential and set your intentions for the rest of the year to your fullest most wildest dreams deep within our womb space and all knowingness!

We will illuminate 11 ways to manifest for this Sacred Union.

The most powerful day of the decade! I invite you to join usto witness the union of-2.png