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Womb Wellness is the intuitive connection to shifting your subconscious mind.

Come join us as we guide you through a very special painting experience that will connect your senses within healing for your body, mind and spirit..


Here we've created a safe space that you can feel spiritually held in a like-minded people in an intimate setting and sanctuary of learning and releasing. We are all connected and you are not alone. "My mission is for you to join me and self discover your intuitive womb wellness" as we nurture your soul within this discovery, providing tools and a place of healing to fully expand to your higher self. This is a vital time for Self-Love, Deep Diving into Intuition, and Self-Discovery, to me, no better time then now in Boise, Idaho.

In this deeply curated experience, accompanied by wine as you are guided into a meditation that will integrate ancestral guidance for the group. You will have time with Nancy and Amy as they work in tandem to call upon the Soul Collective into past karma and soul contracts.

Open Space with Intentions, a little woo woo to get you into an intentional sub-conscious creative space.

Our time together will include:

  • Gain insight on ways you to release old wounds that no longer serve you.
  • Heal your Ancestrai Karma
  • Insight on forgiveness and guilt we were born with.
  • Also learn about energy from a cellular level to heal, transform and inspire yourself daily to activate your Highest Self.
  • Sip on some wine picked out by the wine experts
  • Enjoy the company of others as we take this journey leaving you with joy, laughter and abundance from all the new friends you just connected with.
  • We will close with time to share and connect with each other and talk about our paintings.
  • You will go home with your master pieces to enjoy and reflect the pure art you've created from your Sacred Womb Space.

Space is very limited, this is an intimate gathering and most of all a really fun event!

Where: Brick 29 320 11th Ave S Nampa, Idaho,83651

Parking: Free

When: Thursday September 13th 2018 from 5:00 am - 8:00 pm

Cost: $33.00 per person