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Welcome to your soul’s renewed energy and essence.

Your tribe community is standing tall right along with you. 

The Conscious Women’s Retreat, September 13th-15th, in Boise, Idaho, is where your spirit will be revitalized with a group of women who are doing the same. 

Nestled in the mountains and right along Lake Cascade, a weekend of healing awaits. 

This sacred experience is reserved for 10 conscious minded women only. 

Will you be one of them?

When you arrive on Friday afternoon you will be greeted by your retreat guides, 

Amy and Nancy Contreras, who happen to be daughter and mother, Spiritual Intuitive Counselors. 

The retreat takes shape at a private residence to allow for complete surrender and guidance from the Divine in a tranquil environment. 

Your weekend will include:

  • Daily Guided Meditations to connect to your souls Intuition with the Collective  Integrated with sprinkles of pampered mini massages, and healings.

  • Self-Reflection Journaling

  • “Let It Out” Art Therapy sessions 

  • A manifestation and Intuition workshops

  • All light gluten free meals will be provided - full of holistic and detoxing nutrition 

Join us for this spiritual retreat that is right on the cusp of autumn in scenic Boise, Idaho and take a journey towards deeper mindfulness, strengthened Intuition and self-care for an entire weekend. 

Imagine, gathering with other women who are also on a path towards healing and magnetism. 


All take conscious effort to achieve before they can be your new found reality. 

This retreat will provide the missing link to challenges you may be experiencing as you dive deeper into your spiritual alignment and authentic personal growth. 

The Conscious Retreat for Women will inspire you beyond your wildest imagination to connect with Source energy and empower you for a needed new chapter of your life. 

A chapter that will be full of the beautiful manifestations that you have been calling in. 

You will be able to harness the power of the upcoming fall season to reset your life Mind, Body and Soul. No matter where you are in your journey, if you strengthening your self love relationship with self , others, your career or finding your new path this is for you.

You will have the freedom to release what is no longer is serving you while in a peaceful environment. 

You will experience community with women in a judgement-free safe space. 

You will have optimal time to set new intentions and create spiritually charged goals that genuinely resonates with your core authentic desires. 

You will thrive in solitude as you take in the crisp air and ancestral energy of Idaho. 

You will be embraced by two life-long energy workers and intuitive counselors. 

Can you FEEL the shift in your soul, just thinking about this experience? 

But the real question we have for you is this: 

What does complete surrender to serve your Highest Self look like? 

If you can envision it, then you can experience it. 

Your perfect opportunity to do so with a collective of women is right in front of you. 

We welcome you and we will HONOR you during this transformative weekend. 

Click HERE to reserve your spot at this annual and inaugural retreat.