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Rebalancing Heart Space for the Rebirth of the future with Taurus Full Moon.

soulAmy Contreras

As we move into the awakening of womb conscious awareness that will call for the process of Un-Earthing the past from thousands of years being so disconnected to the divine feminine wisdom. We are being called to weave the fragmental parts of our being and deep dive into the womb consciousness to remember. We are all knowing and have the ancestral information within us but it’s time to crack open the light to expand.

Heart Speaks with Venus RX and New Moon in Libra

Amy Contreras

Venus is the Ruler of Libra and Taurus the Goddess of Beauty. The feminine force of love governs love, friendships and relationships. She symbolizes the capacity to attract the people and things we love and value, so “What do you want to Attract”? Retrograde just means inward reflection. We get to ask ourselves “ Who do we want to be and Attract”?

How to flow with the Super New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Leo

soulAmy Contreras

Not A MEOW But more like a Giant RAWR this Super Moon . The Sun is the ruler of Leo and it's more than Lit bringing up some courageous conscious energy.

Have all the retrogrades been playing on your emotions and nerves this last month? My reminder to you is to be very intentional with your thoughts. August 11 2018 is a Manifesting Portal of Light you will want to walk through with clear intentions.

But First , Get Grounded! Plant yourself like that beautiful strong tree with thick broad roots!

What you've been Creating, Seeding and Feeling will Actualize from a soul level! So Be intentional and Conscious with this New Cycle as it is the Alpha and Omega. This Male/ Female polarity is working in a Divine way to help you Manifest the life that feels so beautiful and true for you. The Finger of God is pointing directly at the Solar Eclipse creating an ACTIVATED AWAKENING within the sacred geometry shape its forming on an astrological chart.  This is where 3 points are in a formation pointing at the  New Moon in Leo illuminating the inner courageousness.


Take the BIG Giant Step and walk into the light as I lead your hand through. Now Take 3 Deep Breaths inhaling all of the good and exhaling all that no longer serves your life. We thank those lessons and cut any cords that hold you from walking in the light so you are free of an restraints to transmute to pure love. And so it is ∴◈⠀


Today's truths will be lit up and revealed.  When we Intentionally focus on all those things that illuminate your inner essence of being in delight and joy we feed our inner peace. This only ignites your true desires and lights up who you truly came to this world to be.  ⠀

Venus is trine to Mars on the Charts in Astrology and this planet is the pure representation of love that will call you to CONNECT with both inner and outer light.  Healing past traumas through LOVE.  Venus is abundance and Mars is energizing those aspects within us and around us.

This just means all of the energy around us is activated and opening the Awakening Portal!

The big takeaways for this week is the universal law of nature supports your manifesting to all the endings and Beginnings of a new cycle with love and abundance. Ask yourself today

How can I be more positive within my soul contract and bring joy and peace to my life?

Many peoples blocks in life are completely subconscious and deeply rooted in our DNA. Did you know most blocks come from being closed off to receiving. Here is a mantra to open your heart space and be open to abundance and wealth.


 " I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me. I am open to receive all love that comes my way with an open heart."

⠀ This mantra is an invitation for prosperity to enter your life holistically and completely.

Many times we reject prosperity subconsciously once it tries to enter. This states, with completeness & clarity you are ready to reap the reward of all financial supers boosts you encounter.



 Mantra for abundance and wealth.

"Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha"

"Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha"

🔺"Om"-God creation
🔺"Shrim" is the seed sound for the principle of abundance.
🔺Salutations to Lakshmi, the great goddess of abundance.
🔺 "Maha" means great.
🔺 "Namaha" offers salutations..

Sound it out ...... Om (rhymes with "Home") Shrim (rhymes with "Cream") Maha (sounds like "Mah-hah") Lakshmiyei (sounds like "Lock-shmee-yay) Namaha (sounds like "Nah-mah-ha") Say that Mantra out loud 108 times for the Super luminary

New Moon Ritual to Seed Space for New Manifesting Energy

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April's New Moon in Aries and Mercury finally freaking direct !

Amy Contreras

Mercury has been retrograding dark and deep in our lives for three weeks in Aries. A sign of initiative, fresh starts, next level energy and an activating push for your actions to move forward.

Stationing today on the  New Moon, the message from the universe is crystal clear now Mercury is direct!

Doors now wide open that were previously closed.
Directions that seemed blocked now become clear.

Destiny is unfolding rapidly now with Ease.

Full Moon Leo Lunar Eclipse + 11 Degree Portal of Light

Amy Contreras

So what's all this moon stuff mean anyway and how does it apply to me your probably thinking, right?  Well this Super Blue Blood Moon message is loud and clear. You may find yourself a little emotional or feeling a a little lost. Allow the emotions to guide you to the surface with your inner most thoughts and past fears that need to be released.  When you intimately understand yourself and learn to tap into the abundant powers of the Universe, you can manifest whatever your want in 2018. Click to read more .....

First New Moon of the Year and it's an Intense one for Manifesting in Career focused Capicorn

Amy Contreras

New Moon in Capricorn happens January 16th at 9:18 pm EST and 6:18 pm (Los Angeles ). This first New Moon is extra special because its focus is on your career ,success, and prosperity. This 10th house rules Leadership and Career . (Capricorn rules the 10th house of Career and Leadership in astrology).

Balanced Beauty Rituals for the New Moon in Libra #swoon

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NEW MOON's visions of how to view your inner most valued beauty ..


  Celestial Libra ruled by Venus

This months New Moon is about Beauty and value within all relationships.  Relationships relating to balance and interaction with your loved ones and partnerships. Try to see things in a different light. Help to explain your needs and ask to understand your partners. As Jupiter goes into Scorpio there will be a lot of transitions. Decluttering the things that no longer serve you such as jobs, friendships and relationships with yourself like bad habits. It's creating balance bringing beauty back to everything you experience to live in this world. Seeing the wonderment of life in everything in nature and all that you do. Libra is the first day of Autumn in the zodiac. What have you been harvesting since last spring in your hypothetical garden? If there is something that is not jiving take a minute to re-valuate , and Revamp. What is valuable and what is simply not working?


Reboot to that lova-man or lova-woman to reconnect that free flowing goodness that made you fall in love with yourself in the first place. I like to watch the movie " How Stella Got Her Groove Back". There's something so epic about that movie and when she "remembers", its like Magic to see in her eyes the Goddess rise!

I will also reach for my close friends book " Invisible Goddess" by Desiree Marie Leedo. Reconnecting and reclaiming to the inner goddess. By stepping into the beauty of your Power you transform your life into your greatest opportunity to emerge into a more meaningful life. This book is exceptional with actual healing steps to own your creative energy! It's truly my go-to activation workbook when I need my visions brought to fruition.

Let's get to know each other, I would love to hear from you. Comment below to share what is your biggest struggle finding balance in everyday life.


Libra = Glamorous Beauty

 What do you need in your life to feel gorgeous , sexy and fulfilled with confidence. Maybe its a little glow on that topical aura of yours. I will buy myself really pretty flowers for my house when I feel I need something to make me feel ALIVE!  Take some extra care to get glowy by nourishing your smooth skin with Uma oils and rolling it with an anti-aging jade roller. Treat yourself to making beauty routine more green getting trying some new non- aluminum green beauty deodorant.

HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL NEED for a Balanced Beauty Ritual to bring in the New Moon :


1- White Sage (I get mine here in Encinitas at Soulscapes)

2 -Crystals of your choosing ( Pick your favorite power house)

2 -Flowers of your choice (I like fresh they bring a lively energy to the game)

2 -Leaves/fronds of your choosing (herbs, palm or bay leaves work well too)

One candle -any color

Pen and paper


1.) Start by cleansing your space and then your surroundings using the sage. As you cleanse you can repeat the following mantra or write your own-

“I cleanse the energy so I may be balanced, I cleanse the energy so I may be calm, I cleanse the energy so I feel whole again.” 

For this ritual, you may also want to invite your Guides to join you. ( We all have them-invite them to join even if you've never asked them to join before)

2.)  Place your candle in the middle on a table or the floor ( be careful of the carpet) and then your crystals on each side of the candle. Hold one flower and one leaf in each hand.

3.) Close your eyes and feel the flower in hand and take 11 deep breaths. Now say the mantra "

“I am alive, perfect and beautiful. This flower is a symbol to help awaken my aligned soul purpose and true calling.”

4.) Focus your energy on the hand that is holding the leaf. Repeat the following three times-

"I am grounded like a strong thick tree, I am completely rooted, I am perfect and prepared for the fulfilled abundance of my aligned soul purpose. When I listen to my inner whispers I trust I am being guided to exactly where to go.”

“I am ready to receive. Please guide me to feel connected in who I am, so I feel confident in my power of authority to handle any thing that arises."

5. Set the items in your hand on each side of the candle and take out a pen and paper. Write any thoughts that came do you while closing your eyes.

6. Bury the flower and leaf outside as a representation of seeds for your manifestations. This is the time of the planting and harvesting the seeds and thoughts of you desires and goals that you are putting into the earth for mother nature to nourish what you have put into the Universe. Literally....


Happy New Moon, wishing you love and blessings. XO


“The Journey of your life will demand that you master every area contained within it. You may choose to do this consciously, though self governance, or unconsciously, by inviting events to govern you.”
— Desiree Marie Leedo

Power of the New Moon

Amy Contreras

This is a Universal Reset Button.  The Awakening of the Divine Feminine Power comes through with Great Force. Together we will Rise in this Power Shift and come into the Authority of Heart in all relationships around us at this time.  We have a choice when it comes to givingPower to people.  It's only by consent. It's time to completely evaluate what works for you and what doesn't.  Clearing for a new transformation , ashift out of the old for what is no longer to make room for the new . Unplug,  Pull back , slow down andpause.  Are you internally asking yourself questions?  Does this serve you or steal your energy? What does your heart say ? What does your gut say?  Listening to your own authority will always give you next level consciousness.

These effects will be felt until September 7th. All of the magic from this time will be cultivating until the next Eclipse in February 2018.  Stay tuned for a this meditative ritual that can be done for the next few weeks. I am always here to take you through a visualization to make transitions easier for you. Check out Craig Thomas's Report about the Power of the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse . We all love and adore this new addition to the Holistic Sanctuary. XO



Genesis Report Reading with Craig Thomas

soulAmy Contreras

Meet Craig Thomas the newest addition to the Holistic Sanctuary. A navigation to the Energy of Nature.

He's an Astrologer, Numero Symbologist, Iching, Tarot and well versed in the Mayan Calendar to read the reality and energy of nature. His Global background has allowed him to experience many different teachings. This kind intuitive is highly gifted and will be offering a personal reading to tell you what your "LIFE'S WORK" and HIGHEST EXPRESSION of your DNA CODE. Don't miss out and Stay tuned after this video for more information on ways you can sign up for his waitlist!