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November New Moon coming in HOTT ...Make a Wish Darlin as if your 2018 depended on it!

soulAmy Contreras
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Sexy Sultry Scorpio ignites at 3:42 A.M Saturday November 18th 2017 with both Mars and Pluto in New Moon.

We have all been on a journey of new beginnings this year, and the Scorpio New Moon will act like a pinnacle peak or “birthing” point of energy. 2017 in Numerology is a 1 Universal year which means trials, challenges and growing out of what no longer serves us. This expands and exposes  ( as you may have seen a lot of on the News lately) the emotions that need to be looked at in a light that might be terrifying.

This flooding and hashing over could bring up old limiting beliefs that no longer serve this space anymore. These feelings and insecurities are there to help us grow, heal and boss up but in order to do this we must shed our nasty old skin to step into that new glow for 2018. Do ya feel me on this? Sound familiar? Just as we exfoliate our beautiful skin, we are peeling back the layers of this unknown within us in order to transform and gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what we've been birthed to share.


What are my "Life Purposes" ? and What is my  "Life's Work" ? Those are the two questions everyone has in common in about 80% of all my Intuitive Readings. This exfoliation time is expanding new space and energy as we clear the old away.  We grow wildly when we allow what no longer servers us to fall away. This is healing for the present to be luminous and bright. It can be painful it's full awareness as it illuminates things in the present that are not in alignment.  Just remember, be kind to yourself and grateful for all of your accomplishments.

After a year of CRAZY and #arrayofstrange, we are Now ready to transmute the downloads of  this deeper understanding into our souls as we step into the new Portal and introduce our passionate Self.

In order to harness this potent rebirth here's a Ritual idea that will help you step into this Wild Fueled New Moon to maximize your full potential leaving you renewed in your reclaimed power.