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Heart Speaks with Venus RX and New Moon in Libra

Amy Contreras

Earth Speaks with the Thinning of the Veil of the LIBRA MOON

October is a month that bridges the final weeks into our Earth’s Rest of winter. A time for shedding, transition and thinning of the veil to get real with matters of the heart. Venus retrograde is a gift to show us the value within our deepest connection. This pertains to our hearts desires and relationship we have with ourselves. A time to call in higher realm for clarity and completion of what no longer servers us. Quick transformation consists of a conscious art of Release-Clear-Release-Clear-Transform.

Venus is the Ruler of Libra and Taurus the Goddess of Beauty. The feminine force of love governs love, friendships and relationships. She symbolizes the capacity to attract the people and things we love and value, so “What do you want to Attract”? Retrograde just means inward reflection. We get to ask ourselves “ Who do we want to be and Attract”?

Ever hear the phrase “ Love is in the Air”? This is a New Moon in Libra , in which the element is an Air sign. We are being called to Alchemize Love. The moon is a representation of the yin (feminine ) and sun is the yang (masculine). The feminine energies of this moon is how we create harmony and balance in our life.

This powerful manifesting month builds bridges between subconscious and conscious thoughts and endless wonderment. Alchemize internal inspiration (in-spirit) into external creation or anger into taking action. How do you create the the wonderment? Remember when you were a child , and everything was an inspiration to play or just be? Tap into that inner lighthouse of light, the golden web . We are human “Beings” not human “Doers”. Think of something you would like to transform and imagine what it would feel like to be your happiest , love , abundant self bigger than you could ever imagine! Start by weaving the golden threads from Mother Earth and our ancestors like webs of faith and feel into wonderment and just “Be”. This is path that creates harmony and manifestations for the way you want your life to feel now, future and in multi dimensions by just naming what you want and attracting it.

Our New Moon in Libra guides us to that inner peace and fulfillment to find balance within our own authority of the male and female polarity. Finding harmony with finances and career (matters of the heart) and what we love. Clear and release to make space for our hearts to be wide open to welcome in joy, abundance and prosperity.

Many people have blocks with making money with their gifts because it’s not a “Normal “ day job.

A daily ritual to heal that for you is to hold you arms open and say 20 times a day 3 x a day in the mirror.

“ I Welcome in Wealth to my life and into my heart like a bullet train of light”!

This month welcome in the feminine energy by trusting the gentle intuitive emotions and buy yourself beautiful flowers into your space , home , office. Decorate your space with heart space crystals such as Rose Quartz and Green Tourmaline for love, joy, happiness and compassion.

Like Air you live in multi dimensions, follow the flow without resisting. Open your heart with this breathing meditation as you imagine love flowing through you and around you. Just breathe, remember Libra is an Air element and that is all we have to do. Stop resisting life around you with control of the outcome you are only limiting your thoughts to the possibilities of life and the love around you. Go Beyond fixed identities and that will allow you to go deep with pure intentions into all knowingness (My Amyism) by the awareness of the integration of love. What would you like to transition, transform on a professional, creative or soul level?

Simple Quantum Energy MEDITATION:

Clear the path.... To make room for the future.
Breathe in
Breathe out,
It's not about controlling, holding onto or restrictions.
The flow of life is simply . You (Recieve) in air, then exhale (give).

Breathing Meditation: Say out loud as you breathe imagining a figure 8 (eternity sign) rushing through your body as you consciously breathe in and out.

Breathe to “Receive” love

Breathe out “GIve” love

Elevate each breath as you take in that energy and you will begin to raise your quantum energy.

Sending love to everyone who is reading this! Happy New Moon in Libra XO Blessings,


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Like Air you live in multi dimensions, follow the flow without resisting. Open your heart as you imagine love flowing through you and around you. Breathe in to receive breathe out to give love.
— Amy Contreras