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Intense Passion of Scorpio's New Moon can lead to your Wildest Dreams

soulAmy Contreras

New Moon in Scorpio has an intense stinger snapping transformation to it’s fullest!

Getting stung by the release of your current job, relationships with everyone around you including yourself. These are all for the greater good although they may not look like blessings or promotions in life. They are the beginning stages of transformation.


Everything you’ve been through this year has been preparing you for something bigger coming your way !

Scorpio pulls your soul with complete focus to transform, dig deeply and uncover the sub-conscious in our entire existance. This can be alarming and look like internal judgement and misconception as you are kicking and screaming the entire time the Universe is asking you to reflect and release. There comes a time when the old habits, ways of thinking or feeling need to die off.

Uncomfortable yet? This is the beginning of the transformation stage. The Death of one-way thinking provides the beauty of rebirth to come through. Where there is darkness there is light at the other end.

The darkness of the New Moon signifies the awakening of the sacred womb with Rebirth & Renewal to paint the universe a picture of everything you've ever wanted in life with your dreams and desires. 

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio is pretty active this time so this is where you will see the leader be followed with regeneration and rebirth.

We are being called to delve deep into the womb consciousness to release any past energetic cords that are not serving the highest greater good and holding you back. These are to be cleared so that you can set intentions for the rest of 2018 moving into 2019... We are all knowing and have the ancestral information within us but it’s time to release with the dark moon to tell the universe what we want.

This intensity will only guide you to your wildest dreams to come true with complete clarity!

⚡️ P.S I thought this was really appropriate to share as we talk about releasing limiting energetic cords that no longer serve us. I woke up feeling really nervous and anxious. But excited. The veil is so thin as we close out the year to create what we want for next year. Opportunities are endless! Once you come to total honesty within yourself whether it be " I do enjoy being seen! " or something bigger that ego has been avoiding or denying your soul, energy will completely shift and open your life. This time is forcing those shadows to come up and out to rise about trust and inner wisdom of all knowingness ( Amyism).

While on my run this morning I spoke to my guides and ancestors and asked to help release my past thoughts of how I haven’t been valued within myself and my boundaries from traumas of past jobs. I asked myself “ What is ready to die in my life?” How must I honor this death?” When I asked myself this I realized it’s crucial this death needs to happen to clear space for my life by simply surrendering to this. The drawbridge comes down so I can get across the water easily and effortlessly when I surrender.

Do yourself a favor and be kind to your inner whispers of love and value. Do a mantra , sit in meditation , get anger and turn that into action. Sit down with your lover and talk about the future and your wildest dreams. Do something forward moving to your beautiful future. It’s all waiting for you, all you have to do is ask for it.

Here are two Mantra’s to help with this New Moon:

  1. I am an Unstoppable Force of Beauty, Power & Nature! I am Worthy & Valued within myself to receiving all the financial abundance and prosperity of my dreams and desires.

  2. This New Moon is beautiful energy bringing my life into balance with ease and abundance everywhere I look. I invite peace and serenity from a place of courage to surrender to love and happiness.

CRYSTALS for New Moon Kit

Tools such as Selenite*
⚡️Cleansing removing blocks of stagnant energy
⚡️Aura purifying
⚡️Brings white light into the physical body from the higher realms
⚡️Very soft you can scratch with your finger nail. ⚡️Mineral composition (Calcium sulfate & water) CaSO4 · 2H2O

Selenite in Greek means Moon.

I am grounded in Mother Earth & father heavens energy. I am open to love and receive light. I am safe, secure, valued and supported. I am all knowing and continue with moving forward. All the answers I need are within me Within me. ”
— Amy Contreras