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April's New Moon in Aries and Mercury finally freaking direct !

Amy Contreras

Hey Boo,

When Mercury finally goes direct in Aries  it's like a fresh breath of Spring air!  Angels singing , birds chirping and Sun is shining all around. How you doin?......( Insert Joey from Friends voice)........

Mercury has been retrograding dark and deep in our lives for three weeks in Aries. A sign of initiative, fresh starts, next level energy and an activating push for your actions to move forward.

Stationing today on the  New Moon, the message from the universe is crystal clear now Mercury is direct!

Doors now wide open that were previously closed.
Directions that seemed blocked now become clear.

Destiny is unfolding rapidly now with Ease.
Pluto and Jupiter are meeting up to create a sacred space for you to positively engage with your inner divine power.

The way to abundance and happiness is clear! πŸŒ™

With clear intentions about HOW you are going to fully believe in yourself and actions to take to fulfill your DESIRES. Don't wait for approval from others. Believing in yourself is installing 100% faith in your intuitive choices based on feelings an first response gut intuitions

. .

Mercury governs your mind. Perhaps you felt a little bit psychotic the last three weeks. One minute your happy go lucky , clear minded , fancy free...... the next minute your losing your patience with the Direct Tv because they charged you over 600.00 dollars for a service you haven't had in 6 months, then cancel your internet service. Oh wait, that really happened to me. Was that over sharing ? Well secret is out , I am human. As Woke as I am, I felt like I lost my mind a few times. Truth is I had such a hard time with the anxiety from it that it left me paralyzed how to process this in a holistic healthy manner.


Self care and an epson salt bath can only go so far if you can't breathe, can't think and your gut is inflammation.

The mediation and reflection had to go to the core imagining the Lotus Flower unfolding. I used the Mantra:

"Everything in life is now unfolding with beautiful ease"

For those of you who experienced little bumps in the road the last few weeks, its good to get angry. It's actually very healthy. It allows you to see and feel fire to burn through in a forward motion. Remember to heal your gut and take care of your health. Eating is a form of self-respect. Nourish your body and eat root vegetables to stay grounded.

Retrograde is such a fertile time to re-evaluate all aspects of your life, especially how you communicate with others.
Although we needed this time of slow down it's good to be out from it for now with Mercury.

Make this a wonderful week, and enjoy  this uplifting energy! You are so beautiful and full of Endless Abundance and Opportunities.