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6 Signs Neptune RX will affect the most

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Neptune Retrograde.......


And there's no way to ignore it. No way around it...... It is like a magnet pulling your energies inward.



On 6/18, Neptune, God of the Sea and ruler of your subconscious, went retrograde. Shhhhhhhhhh......Once a year, this large planet reminds you that much of your truths are deep below the surface, in the depths of your soul. It asks you to look deep within to find the answers you've been seeking. Listen quietly inward.


On 6/21, we celebrate Summer Solstice. The message behind this powerful day is the  beautiful balance of light and dark that exists within you…


Embrace what inspires you, and recognize that which may be holding you back.


Lean in...


Love all dimensions of yourself, exploring the unique and powerful being that you are.

⚡️ Lightning-fast manifestations for this year's universal code "11" in numerology(2+0+1+8=11)...



Retrograde has to do with the darkness within all of us. The creation, vision, intuition, healing, and other things that are intangible to touch.   You are never given things you can not handle , just remember that.



Give up the illusions of what you think is your story and what is real. Breathe , pause , delete.

Perhaps what you thought wasn't what is reality at all?

Say no to others and Yes to Yourself. Neptune retrograde may cause you to become more in-tune with your introverted side.

You may feel little paranoid or consumed.

Neptune is currently in the watery mutable sign Pisces, the dreamer and emotional but most creative sign of the zodiac.  Retrograde can be a time of artistic birth, innovation, romance, and glamour for each individual. Most affected signs by RX will be the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) and the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Ways to handle the 5 planets Retrograding coming up ....

1.Book an appointment with me via phone or in-person for an Individual Intuitive Reading.  I will give you some tools to help you and clear your energy if your feeling stuck, or stagnant. You're not alone .

2. No longer ignore things like bad relationships, energy vampires or being morally bankrupt.

3. Start DOING and stop talking about it..

4. Breathe, Pause, Clear what is Real and what is an Illusion or just fantasy.

 5. . Re-evaluate, Re-Aligned, Re-Boot what's truly important to you!


Stay tune for more information on the energy of the planets going into Retrograde such as Mercury and Mars.

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