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How to flow with the Super New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Leo

soulAmy Contreras

Not A MEOW But more like a Giant RAWR this Super Moon . The Sun is the ruler of Leo and it's more than Lit bringing up some courageous conscious energy.

Have all the retrogrades been playing on your emotions and nerves this last month? My reminder to you is to be very intentional with your thoughts. August 11 2018 is a Manifesting Portal of Light you will want to walk through with clear intentions.

But First , Get Grounded! Plant yourself like that beautiful strong tree with thick broad roots!

What you've been Creating, Seeding and Feeling will Actualize from a soul level! So Be intentional and Conscious with this New Cycle as it is the Alpha and Omega. This Male/ Female polarity is working in a Divine way to help you Manifest the life that feels so beautiful and true for you. The Finger of God is pointing directly at the Solar Eclipse creating an ACTIVATED AWAKENING within the sacred geometry shape its forming on an astrological chart.  This is where 3 points are in a formation pointing at the  New Moon in Leo illuminating the inner courageousness.


Take the BIG Giant Step and walk into the light as I lead your hand through. Now Take 3 Deep Breaths inhaling all of the good and exhaling all that no longer serves your life. We thank those lessons and cut any cords that hold you from walking in the light so you are free of an restraints to transmute to pure love. And so it is ∴◈⠀


Today's truths will be lit up and revealed.  When we Intentionally focus on all those things that illuminate your inner essence of being in delight and joy we feed our inner peace. This only ignites your true desires and lights up who you truly came to this world to be.  ⠀

Venus is trine to Mars on the Charts in Astrology and this planet is the pure representation of love that will call you to CONNECT with both inner and outer light.  Healing past traumas through LOVE.  Venus is abundance and Mars is energizing those aspects within us and around us.

This just means all of the energy around us is activated and opening the Awakening Portal!

The big takeaways for this week is the universal law of nature supports your manifesting to all the endings and Beginnings of a new cycle with love and abundance. Ask yourself today

How can I be more positive within my soul contract and bring joy and peace to my life?

Many peoples blocks in life are completely subconscious and deeply rooted in our DNA. Did you know most blocks come from being closed off to receiving. Here is a mantra to open your heart space and be open to abundance and wealth.


 " I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me. I am open to receive all love that comes my way with an open heart."

⠀ This mantra is an invitation for prosperity to enter your life holistically and completely.

Many times we reject prosperity subconsciously once it tries to enter. This states, with completeness & clarity you are ready to reap the reward of all financial supers boosts you encounter.



 Mantra for abundance and wealth.

"Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha"

"Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha"

🔺"Om"-God creation
🔺"Shrim" is the seed sound for the principle of abundance.
🔺Salutations to Lakshmi, the great goddess of abundance.
🔺 "Maha" means great.
🔺 "Namaha" offers salutations..

Sound it out ...... Om (rhymes with "Home") Shrim (rhymes with "Cream") Maha (sounds like "Mah-hah") Lakshmiyei (sounds like "Lock-shmee-yay) Namaha (sounds like "Nah-mah-ha") Say that Mantra out loud 108 times for the Super luminary

New Moon Ritual to Seed Space for New Manifesting Energy

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