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Alchemy of the Full Moon in Aries & Fall Equinox

soulAmy Contreras

There are two types of people in my opinion who are super into astrology.

One, the blamer. Two, the unknown, all knowing.

Most people like myself get into astrology to figure out the un-figureoutable. The not so logical explanation of the things they experience in the quiet whispers of solidarity. The rhythm of currency they feel from the earth’s pull.

Then you have the blamer, you know the ones who want to blame their life on the planets and Mercury Retrograde for all the drama and chaos in their life. Right? Everyone knows at least one person like this, including myself. (giggle)

Instead we should look at the energy around us as a beautiful map up in the sky, as we feel pulled along hand and hand with the universe. We are not separate from the ocean, after all we are made up of 70% water, yes we are effected by the sun and the moon. If you read my energy updates I go into detail about the concept of the moon and the sun and how we are ultimately apart our emotional energy with the earth’s rotation. Being guided to lead or be led by life with response or reactions.

Fire elements in Aries can be radiant in the form of energy that brings light to you like a bullet piercing the portal within your core.

Aries energy is enthusiastic , excitable and optimistic and emotionally charged. Take part in a conscious communication with yourself by listening and talking to your source energy intentionally. This currency connects to your thoughts and frequency of your own emotions. Aries moon (shadows of the emotions) have a special way of showing up and Full Moon’s are wonderful for release. If by any means there are sneaky past issues that arise on your path or you feel flooded by emotions, it may be necessary for you to a look and say good bye to what no serves you in a particular area of life. Purge , cut cords, do a ritual or fire ceremony and let it go!

The solar plexus ( third chakra ) is ruled by the planet Mars and Aries. The solar plexus chakra is located just above the navel and takes responsibility of your intuition power. Your all knowing sixth sense, yup, it’s always right gut intuition.

Anger and frustration are often signs of deep buried pain, little internal signs of lunar malfunctions that allow us to do some important work to understand what is being called to uncover to be healed. Alchemize to love.

Some science: The Fall Equinox 9/22/18 created a special code for us encouraging to let Spirit to speak though us and our intentions in everything we do. This effects you because all the planets in our solar system rotate on a tilted axis and therefore the reason we have seasons. Some of these tilts are less than others such as Mercury, which is tilted at 2.11 degrees. Other planets are more like Earth which is tilted at 23.5 degrees and Uranus is very tilted at 98 degrees. Fire element is masculine or yang and is an active outer expression in nature giving us an understanding and important message with clarity. We are all knowing, trust that what you feel is true . You have all the answers to life , just sit and take retreat to listen to what Mother Earth is coded to gift you to receive.

Take a deep breath to inhale the love and exhale what no longer serves you. And so it is and so it will be. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Eclipse energy leaving you Raw and Vunerable_ You're being un-earthed and asked to shed old skin to receive the new energies integration! Love what light reveals..png

A few suggestions for solar plexus sound healing at home. I love my Tibetan singing bowl. I’ve had mine for years and got it from Nepal. If you want to do some personal connective healing in the privacy of your own home try this out. Tibetan singing bowl beautiful for mediation.

Fire elements in Aries can be radiant in the form of energy that brings light to you like a bullet piercing the portal within your core.
— Amy Contreras