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Virgo's action plan on Clarity for the New Moon to build your dreams.

soulAmy Contreras

Feeling those New Moon vibes before they even happen.... ya me too.....Virgo's action plan on Clarity for the New Moon to build your dreams is absolutely exhausting..


Integration, seeding with internal and external changes to transformation. What does this mean to you? Lots of crying (for some of us) and self-realizations. Virgo is a mutable sign that connects us to self discovery. Imagine a feminine force integrating from a darkness deep within the rich soil of Mother Earth, that tightly nurtures you to grow internally. That warmth of the earth fulfills your soul and prepares you to harvest and when you are ready you break through the dirt to lightness and bloom into a exotic flower.

So what is the action here? This was an action of rest, to go within and expand. Something so simple to Intentionally take action to stop, pause, expand and break-through naturally from within.  Seduce the wonders of your desires by calling in the deep soul space of love and passion you want in life. You carry a vibration that is next level. Sharpen your mind to clarity to expose what is stealing from your vitality energetically. Let go of all outcomes to things you can not control and just trust. Trust your intuition, your gut instinct, the pain, and allow the healing internally to allow the external changes.  You are safe and supported to go inward and see the hidden shades of grey. Those changes are allowing us to feel real deep rooted feelings of the shadows, we may not fully understand, but reveal later as gifts. Virgo resides in the 6th house where the theme is healing and health. This means self acceptance of yourself and others.

DO YOU BOO and Love everyone for who they are......

Now for the geeky planet stuff. The Sun and Moon are in Virgo joined with Mercury the ruler of Virgo. This is just a dynamic burst of intuitive awakenings. The planets Jupiter and Pluto are pretty active creating an 18 degree connection. Through practical manifestation leadership and empowerment leads to financial abundance. Venus is also very active representing love and currency. What does this mean to you? Perhaps you are ignited by love in all areas of your life when you simply look at yourself in the mirror and change your perception and see yourself in a new light. When you love yourself you exude a vibration and frequency that is undeniable! Its electrifying! So you will in return attract what you put out! So start checking yourself out in the mirror and give yourself a wink. Feel yourself.

While the Sun and Moon are trine to Pluto and this is about transformation and renewal. Jupiter is the principle of improvement and expansion. For those of you who've been feeling this awkward feeling of uncomfortableness ( yes that is my word, Amyism) You my friend are expanding! Crying, that's that just the law of nature purifying, clearing away and making room for you.

You are a currency that has an action of cause and effect.

Ask yourself this:

What seeds are being planted right now?

Listen intuitively who you are...Ask yourself this question then the action is to just feel. What do you need clarity on to move forward that you've been longing for within. Where in your body do you feel the nudge? In your heart? In your tummy? On your forehead? Those are signals will you answer the call? All the answers are within you, always.

A mantra to create abundance

1. I give value to my well-being

2. I am open and receptive to all the wealth and abundance life offers me

3. I live an abundant life and my dreams are coming true




New Moon Ritual I have been doing since I was a child.

Write 10 Wishes! That's it , its about abundant thinking and wishing upon a star of positivity.