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Chiron Enters Fiery Aries after a 50.7 year cycle around the Sun in sensitive loving Pisces

Amy Contreras

Chiron enters Aries on April 18th, popping back and forth in Pisces until 2019. We will start to get a taste of Fiery Aries Chiron energy during 2018, but the the real work begins in 2019. Get Ready!

Pay attention to what unfolds in your life around April 18, 2018 and February 18-19, 2019. If there are any significant shifts, thoughts or feelings, these are key components to what this energy has in store for you.

Chiron in Aries is healing our ego and our sense of self. Reframing pain and love within. Chiron represents the BRIDGE between our Earthly human experience and our spiritual Soul, the marriage of the sacred masculine and divine feminine. SACRED ENERGY OF WHOLENESS so Powerful and Divine.

This is a time for all of us to learn how to embrace all that we are and allow the power of authority to stand stall and move us forward with loving intent.  Talk about Self-L-O-V-E. That is 100% consenting to the choice of Love not Fear. The Ego of Self and letting go of the outcome.

Self-realization, individual uniqueness and what our Soul- Purpose here on earth are questions that will reflect this time. Explore your Desires with the fundamental question- Who am I will be the next level energy explored with Chiron.

Feel raw now? Our bodies may also be extra sensitive under this energy, and we may need to pay greater attention to our health. Talk kindly to your body bringing back to the art of allowing  wholeness and balanced alignment once and for all.

Chiron reminds us to FEEL – Yes everybody that means become very present in every possible way, when it’s sometimes the last thing we want to do

How will Chiron in Aries  impact You in this life you live in with Identity? (where it will remain until 2027)

  • You will be able to HEAL yourself. Aries is all about you, how you act and  your energy.
  • You will have the chance to fully re-invent yourself to leave the old outdated version of you behind in the dust .

. .

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so the New Moon in Aries is really about initiating the astrological year, new you with Chiron and the start of some really action packed.

As a Healer and Guide, I bridge heaven and earth. together for you.

In an Intuitive session I take the feminine principle of receiving and BALANCE it with the masculine principle of action.

We are all able to balance intuition and action to heal ourselves.

Your healing journey begins today, can you feel it?.

This journey is taking the unconscious and making it conscious.



Take advantage of the exciting birthing energy!

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In numerology, April 2018 is a 6 Universal Month (4 + 2+0+1+8 = 15, 1+5 = 6)

The number 6 is associated with all matters of the heart – relationships, beauty, harmony, and love.