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December's Last Full Moon in Gemini Illuminates with Mercury Retrograde

soulAmy Contreras

Gemini Full Moon tying up 2017 what you thought you wanted is going to completely change. Get rid of everything that's not serving you for 2018. With Acceptance and no judgment you will expand and receive the  Loving spiritual downloads for yourself with acceptance. Watch the video below .


SUPERMOON, means it's closer to the earth therefore, will be amplifying the emotional and intuitive effects this Full Moon. Super Special Powers are bringing to light with the 11 degree placement of the planets and the powerful number 11.  - CHECK IT OUT Here is the break down!

  • The Sun will be in 11 degrees Sagittarius opposing the Moon in 11 degrees Gemini - bringing intuitive insights to your awareness.  Whoah Nelly ! Are you all of sudden super psychic and clear with your gut feelings? Buuuut maybe still questioning it? Don't, go with it.
  • Sagittarius' ruler Jupiter will be at 11 degrees Scorpio.  POW DIGGITY!!! That Scorpio energy tho...
  • Neptune is in 11 degrees Pisces (squaring our Sun and Moon), connecting you to your gut intuition and emotional nature. The manifesting feels are strong right now with the  power of your imagination. Opportunities are endless my lovelies, you better use it to dream up your future and 2018! You can have anything you want in life it is all out for you to grab.

And then there is  Mercury (ruler of Gemini going into a  Gemini Full Moon)v SAY WHAAAATTTT??......  going RETROGRADE just before the Full Moon - at 29 degrees! And 29 reduces to the number 11 in numerology  (2+9 = 11).

So does that mean it will effect us all month? UH YESSSS!  So back up all your computer , phone and other electronics for safety.

SOn of a biscuit, RIGHT! So make it a good one for tying up the things that no longer serve you!!


 past, present and future!

Here are some suggestions to use while flowing through this major intuitive time.

RELEASE anything that doesn't serve you. With the magical 11 degree's this portal of energy has created with  Gemini and Sagittarius you will find this will activate your consciousness source energy with guidance. 11 is a positive master number and the most intuitive of all numbers and that is why this is so special. Its associated with Faith, core, gut feeling ,instinctual energy.

We're moving into an 11 Universal Year in 2018, it's imperative that you re-vision your future, based on what you learned the past year! You've come so far, it's ok to give yourself credit and love and tell yourself what a great job you've done so far.

My intention for your is to let  go of anything that does not serve your highest and greater good. Celebrate all that you have accomplished with love.

What you thought you wanted in 2017 might not be a good fit for you anymore.