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Power of the New Moon

Amy Contreras

This is a Universal Reset Button.  The Awakening of the Divine Feminine Power comes through with Great Force. Together we will Rise in this Power Shift and come into the Authority of Heart in all relationships around us at this time.  We have a choice when it comes to givingPower to people.  It's only by consent. It's time to completely evaluate what works for you and what doesn't.  Clearing for a new transformation , ashift out of the old for what is no longer to make room for the new . Unplug,  Pull back , slow down andpause.  Are you internally asking yourself questions?  Does this serve you or steal your energy? What does your heart say ? What does your gut say?  Listening to your own authority will always give you next level consciousness.

These effects will be felt until September 7th. All of the magic from this time will be cultivating until the next Eclipse in February 2018.  Stay tuned for a this meditative ritual that can be done for the next few weeks. I am always here to take you through a visualization to make transitions easier for you. Check out Craig Thomas's Report about the Power of the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse . We all love and adore this new addition to the Holistic Sanctuary. XO