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New Moon in VIRGO Muse Report

Amy ContrerasComment

Your Mindset about life is Changing. This time is 100% Empowered to do what your Soul Purpose is born to do! So take that LEAP OF FAITH! You are fully supported by the Universe and the Law of Nature..









Virgo Feels

Are you ready for GO TIME? Creative manifestations faster than light speed.

Ready to Soar? It's your time.....Keep your intentions clear.  This new moon in Virgo is really earth bound this month. The beautiful earth feels are connecting to how we are aligned with our thoughts, views and values. We have a soul contract with the law of nature.  It is our birthright to be Abundant and Plentiful. The way we perceive things can instantly manifest right in the Now so be mindful and relax into a centered grounding space. You'll notice things are falling at the waist side because it's no longer serving you and mother nature is taking its course to take care of it for you. Let it go. Take a deep breath and DON'T LOOK BACK.  Have gratitude that this is for your greater good and well-being.

With all of the water unfortunate things happening around the U.S, ultimately mother nature is re-balancing with the shifts and changes.  So ask yourself " How am I open and Flexible to the frequency and broadcast I am projecting to the world?" Are you giving and sharing for a purpose to help others spread love and light? This is a new moon is a source of unlimited possibilities. Everything is possible in your favor to THRIVE , so FLy beautiful BUTTERFLY! What have you wanted your whole life? Step into it and watch all of the amazing opportunities flock your way! As I was writing this today I pulled over to park along a dead field of weeds and 20 Dragonflies flew around my car<3. I took that as a sign.  Who do you want to be? Send me a message if you would like a personal New Moon reading. I will intuitively guide you through my 8 step process to help you reveal what spirit is trying to get your attention to do.  Lots of Love to you XO Amy


3 Steps to Gratitude

1. Being grateful for waking up. Go directly to a mirror when you wake up and greet yourself

Hello ............(fill in the blank) It's so good to see you! I love you so much and I am so grateful for the body and guidance you give me daily. I love every inch of your body!!!!! Smile to yourself and take 3 deep breaths.

2. The beautiful smells around you and on you. ( I love the smell of my own skin, its beautiful and makes me realize I am unique in every way....)

3. Write someone a love letter, like yourself for the day. or someone who could use a pick me up.  It will shift the energies and raise the vibration around everyone you know. You don't have to give it to them , maybe they are a stranger that just needs a little extra love. But Share your wealth of love... There is more than enough to go around 4 trillion times around the earth Expand the goodness!

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