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The Power of Mantra

soulAmy Contreras

Life isn't always easy. Sometimes things happen that'll get you down. But know, everything occurs in cycles. What goes down, must come up & vice versa.

When things are a bit rough, take time to feel your feelings (that's how they move through you!) Trust that everything is happening for you, not too you. Have faith that better days are just around the corner, because they are. I promise you that.

One tool that really helps me when I'm going through harder times is mantra.

A mantra is a phrase you can repeat to rewire your thought and belief patterns. You can write, or speak them. I recommend multiple times daily.

Use whatever word, phrase or sentence feels right to you. This isn't about anyone else, love.

I've included some of my favorites as inspiration below:

  • I choose love.
  • I allow myself to shine.
  • I surround myself only with people that light me up.
  • I wear only things that light me up.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I accept my greatness.
  • I allow what I desire to flow towards me.
  • I celebrate what I have.

What are your favorite mantras? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.