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Genesis Report Reading with Craig Thomas

soulAmy Contreras

Meet Craig Thomas the newest addition to the Holistic Sanctuary. A navigation to the Energy of Nature.

He's an Astrologer, Numero Symbologist, Iching, Tarot and well versed in the Mayan Calendar to read the reality and energy of nature. His Global background has allowed him to experience many different teachings. This kind intuitive is highly gifted and will be offering a personal reading to tell you what your "LIFE'S WORK" and HIGHEST EXPRESSION of your DNA CODE. Don't miss out and Stay tuned after this video for more information on ways you can sign up for his waitlist!

The Truth About Facing Your Fears

soulAmy Contreras

So many of us walk around believing stories about ourselves, our lives, our bodies, our work...

But the truth is, most of these stories aren't actually ours.   A lot of them we adopt from our parents, grandparents, lovers, friends or siblings.

I know my fear story originally came from my Grandma; she didn't believe she was smart because she never completed her official education.

There are so many learning opportunities in Iife itself, though. School has nothing to do with how smart or capable you are. I'm a student for life, and so was she. I will forever continue to learn and have accomplished so much already; so my fear story is far from true. These are illusions I have accepted, and aren't real. We get to choose what we believe.

Release all the lies you’ve told yourself and allow yourself to be free.

Set them free with love and step through the fear.

The universe supports you.



I'm here for any of you who would like support in releasing your own fear story.

Write it out & email me -