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Rebalancing Heart Space for the Rebirth of the future with Taurus Full Moon.

soulAmy Contreras

As we move into the awakening of womb conscious awareness that will call for the process of Un-Earthing the past from thousands of years being so disconnected to the divine feminine wisdom. We are being called to weave the fragmental parts of our being and deep dive into the womb consciousness to remember. We are all knowing and have the ancestral information within us but it’s time to crack open the light to expand.

Genesis Report Reading with Craig Thomas

soulAmy Contreras

Meet Craig Thomas the newest addition to the Holistic Sanctuary. A navigation to the Energy of Nature.

He's an Astrologer, Numero Symbologist, Iching, Tarot and well versed in the Mayan Calendar to read the reality and energy of nature. His Global background has allowed him to experience many different teachings. This kind intuitive is highly gifted and will be offering a personal reading to tell you what your "LIFE'S WORK" and HIGHEST EXPRESSION of your DNA CODE. Don't miss out and Stay tuned after this video for more information on ways you can sign up for his waitlist!