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The Power of Mantra

soulAmy Contreras

Life isn't always easy. Sometimes things happen that'll get you down. But know, everything occurs in cycles. What goes down, must come up & vice versa.

When things are a bit rough, take time to feel your feelings (that's how they move through you!) Trust that everything is happening for you, not too you. Have faith that better days are just around the corner, because they are. I promise you that.

One tool that really helps me when I'm going through harder times is mantra.

A mantra is a phrase you can repeat to rewire your thought and belief patterns. You can write, or speak them. I recommend multiple times daily.

Use whatever word, phrase or sentence feels right to you. This isn't about anyone else, love.

I've included some of my favorites as inspiration below:

  • I choose love.
  • I allow myself to shine.
  • I surround myself only with people that light me up.
  • I wear only things that light me up.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I accept my greatness.
  • I allow what I desire to flow towards me.
  • I celebrate what I have.

What are your favorite mantras? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.



6 Self-Love Rituals for Sacred, Radiant Wellness

soulAmy Contreras

As women, we're often so focused on supporting everyone else that we neglect ourselves. But beauty comes from the inside out; if we want to look good, we have to feel good too!

If you don't already try scheduling in 3 hours for self-love each week. That is time for you. Use it to do the things you love, the things that recharge you, so you can be more present with others and in life.

Below are six of my favorite self-love rituals:

1. Selfies - Now a lot of people say selfies are narcissistic, but I believe the opposite - that they're a radical act of self love! Practice taking a selfie every day for a week. You don't even have to post them. Just notice what comes up for you. Does it feel good? Or do you feel resistance? How does that change over the week?

2. Vision boarding - You can't manifest your desires if you don't know what they are! Take time to create a vision board (either viscerally, or online); I do this seasonally, or even monthly. I find that the clearer I am on my goals, that faster I can bring them to life. Hang it somewhere you visit often, or make it your background.

3. Gifts - buy yourself your favorite flowers (or something similarly luxurious) & include a detailed love note. You don't need anyone else to make you feel loved & special. You were born that way. Now own it.

4. Write a love letter to yourself - Tell yourself everything you want to hear. Be as romantic, silly, loving, kind and generous as you want. Put it in an envelope and open it any time you need a pick me up. Let it serve as a reminder that you don’t need an “other” to feel loved and cared for.

5. Create a love contract - Write or print the following on a piece of paper; sign it and hand somewhere you frequent: "It is my conscious decision to love, honor & appreciate myself at all times. I celebrate what I have and accept greatness. I accept the capacity to recieve love effortlessly. I am love. I exude love and forgive myself for anything necessary in my past. I vow to speak kindly to myself and move on from the habits, situations and relationships holding me back. I step fully into my power now. I vow to love, honor, and respect my body, mind & soul, because I am already perfect, whole & complete. Love always & forever, _____________"

6. Practice kind speech - If words enter your brain or come out your mouth that are unkind - rewind! Simply correct the thought. Hug yourself & say “I’m sorry I wasn’t kind. I love you and am working on loving you more. I’m doing my best.”  And don't beat yourself up about being perfect, none of us are.

I'd love to know, what are your favorite self-love rituals?



The Truth About Facing Your Fears

soulAmy Contreras

So many of us walk around believing stories about ourselves, our lives, our bodies, our work...

But the truth is, most of these stories aren't actually ours.   A lot of them we adopt from our parents, grandparents, lovers, friends or siblings.

I know my fear story originally came from my Grandma; she didn't believe she was smart because she never completed her official education.

There are so many learning opportunities in Iife itself, though. School has nothing to do with how smart or capable you are. I'm a student for life, and so was she. I will forever continue to learn and have accomplished so much already; so my fear story is far from true. These are illusions I have accepted, and aren't real. We get to choose what we believe.

Release all the lies you’ve told yourself and allow yourself to be free.

Set them free with love and step through the fear.

The universe supports you.



I'm here for any of you who would like support in releasing your own fear story.

Write it out & email me -